Artist Statement

I’ve always had a love and affinity for computers, technology and creating videos. When I was 16 I was introduced to Final Cut Pro in a computer design class as part of my school’s Multimedia Academy. Since then, my interest in working with video has only grown. The ability to tell a story or convey an idea using different perspectives and the freedom to work outside of a standard set of “rules” gives me a feeling that is unmatched. When I work with video I am reminded that moments in time are fleeting and being able to capture them is like recording bits of history that are important to maybe a very limited number of people. When a piece is completed, I am filled with a sense of achievement. I want them to relate to or empathize with the theme of the piece and find truth in the work. I also have bits of humor that interweave throughout my art to reveal elements of my personality.

Although it’s not the only medium I am interested in working with, video is my current focus. I can use sound, moving and still images; all sorts of aural and visual sources to convey an idea. Using my camcorder is one of the most exciting parts of working. It’s so elementary but so important, framing the shot is critical and I’m excited when I capture something great. Initially, I begin a piece by going through a list of ideas that I’ve written down in a notebook. Everything from a sentence or two about something I saw in the news, to a short social commentary on things that bug me. I develop my ideas by doing research online and in books; and I ask people how they feel about the subject matter. Putting together a narrative with the material I acquire can be tough, so I show rough pieces to friends or other artists to help work out the rough spots.

Currently my I’m focusing on developing work concerning people, their relationships with one another and the world, and social commentary. I always seem to have an opinion on the things going on around me, as an artist I feel that I have a certain responsibility to address these issues.

Menstruation. addresses the way women and men feel about an essential part of a woman’s health juxtaposed with media, advertising, and ephemeral film takes on this same subject. A big part of my inspiration for this piece is from observing through life how menstruation is referred to as a natural function, but always treated as something to hide or be ashamed of. Also, on a more personal level, I have always physically had a tough time with my cycle but gained new perspective on the matter when a family member was found to be unable to menstruate on her own because of a yet-undiagnosed condition; and even now that she can have it (with the aid of regular hormone therapy), she finds it to be a nuisance as well. Menstruation. is an attempt to bring periods out into the open and as easy to discuss as any other part of the body.

Currently, I am working on a piece tentatively titled Confessions of A Blogger. I find it interesting that many people are perfectly comfortable with publishing their lives on a website for millions of people to access and read but most would probably find it extremely uncomfortable to share their life story face-to-face with a complete stranger. I have begun compiling blog entries from across the internet to weave together into the life story of a fictional character to perform on video in the style of confessional booth. I want to challenge the viewer’s comfort zone and make them take a second look at the world of blogging and how emotional some writers are.


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